(Page 275) Phosphorus Has to do with Intelligence

Phosphorus is synonymous with intelligence-- the medium for coupling the soul with matter. It combines with sulphur in food form and with specific nerve and brain fats within the body.

(Page 276) Sensory seats in the brain, nerve networks, sympathetic (autonomic) nervous system, nerves, ganglia in general and sensory nerves are under the influence of phosphorus. The reproductive organs and bone producing functions are favorably affected when phosphorus is supplied in proper quantities. The higher intellectual capacity depends on phosphorus--psychic perceptions, idealistic tendencies, humanitarianism, philanthropy, the subjective functions of the brain, physical brain sensations (especially taste and touch). The organic (food) form of phosphorus, sulphur and nerve fats vitalizes and regenerates brain and nerves. Phosphorus is a nerve and brain tonic.

Thinking Consumes Phosphorus

The "light bearer" (phosphorus) becomes the medium of the soul's expression through the brain faculties. But to get the evolved form necessary for the brain to assimilate, phosphorus must undergo transformations beginning in the mineral kingdom, moving from there to the soil by decay, then into seeds and grains, into animals, fish and birds, and ultimately into the human brain. Without phosphorus, we could not study, memorize, read, reason, create, visualize, comprehend. With each thought, phosphorus is used up; each activity of every brain and nerve cell requires phosphorus. The mental worker particularly needs phosphorus,..

Thinking consumes phosphorus. The broken-down phosphate waste material from brain and bone catabolism must be eliminated by the liver. Tests have proven that after extreme mental exertion, there are greater quantities of phosphorus in the urin. This is a dramatic argument in favor of adeqate phosphorus in the diet.

Brain Phosphorus and Bone Phosphorus Differ

There is a distinction between the phosphorus needed for bones and that needed by the brain; they are vibrationally different, in that brain phosphorus is more highly evolved. Brain phosphorus comes from the animal kingdom (meat, fish, eggs and dairy products), and bone phosphorus is derived from the vegetable kingdom. Phosphorus is integral to bone formation and repair, and it also nourishes the brain and nerves. It increases the number of red blood corpuscles. It improves tissue nutrition in general. But its greatest function is in the brain and nervous system.

Lack of Phosphorus Causes Serious Problems

Without phosphorus,... Sterility is possible. The brain softens and decays. Pus is generated. Neuralgia develops. Intellect atrophies and vanishes. Children or anyone studying hard in school must have brain phosphorus in the daily diet.

Phosphorus Needed for Lecithin Production in the Body

Lecithin, which in its Greek form means egg yolk, is a complex fatty compound necessary in the human body. It is present chiefly in semen, bile, milk, nerve tissue, brain, white and red blood corpuscles, lymph and serous fluids, blood and pus....

If the diet is deficient in vitamins, nerve fats, phosphorus, oxygen, sulphur and specific nerve

(Page 277) salts, lecithin cannot be manufactured within the body; if this is the case, impotence, neuratrophia, brain decomposition, feeblemindedness, physical debility, suppuration and low nerve vitality are among the manifestations. If phosphorus is deficient, lecithin cannot be formed properly in the body

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Phosphorus Vital for Brain and Nerves

The nervous system that pervades the entire body is extremely important. If nutrition is poor, the blood cannot nourish the brain and nerves. When phosphorus is deficient in the diet and sufficient lecithin is not manufactured, the brain and nerves atrophy, the brain decays and phthisis and neurasthenia appear.

Phosphorus' Role in Reproduction

The egg youlk contains vitelline which is the creative principle. Vitelline is a nucleo-protein containing a good deal of phosphorus. Phosphorus is necessary for reproduction in man and animals and for their proper growth.


The fluorescent quality of phosphorus is vital to life forms...

In man, the luminosity of phosphorus serves... to heighten his mental activity... It may be said that phosphorus holds the soul in the physical body, imprisons that life spark sometimes referred to as spirit. Phosphorescence is believed by some to be the "astral body" or the "aura".

Phosphorus and ESP

The properties of phosphorus implicate it in telephathy, ESP (extrasensory perception), dreams, wireless etheric communications, suggestive treatments, mediumship, psychogenesis, physical sense perception, sensory impulsion, obsession, delusion, hallucination, hypnotism, psychometry and other purported "strange phenomena."

Calcium Phosphate Essential to the Body

Calcium phosphate is essential to the body... ; it prevents excessive generation of pus and brain disintegration. Phosphorus is imperative for the brain, for all thought processes...


Optimism and Autosuggestion

The individual suffering from phosphorus excess... His philosophy is that "thoughts are tings." Autosuggestion, mental healing and Christian Science are attractive to him. The power of

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suggestion has great influence on his illneses, as well as on his health. Platitudes such as, "Believe in disease and it shall come to pass," and, "As you think, so you are." are expounded often. His optimism follows certain directions, such as those of speculative and idealistic philosophy. Speculation is constant; his imagination is prolific... The deluge of blood in the brain overstimulates the higher mental visualization centers. Optical illusions and visions are possible. Novels are of interest to him, as are fantastic tales of adventure, mystery, psychic phenomena, travel. His faith is in the infeasible and he dislikes everyday reality.

Emotions are Volatile (Phosphorus Overconsumption)

Phosphorus overconsumption affects the brain, personality and actions. Such an individual finds it easier to study at night between ten and three than dueing the day. He may be a sleepwalker--subjective mind alert while objective brain faculties are in slumber. Internal manifestations of phosohorus excess are many: brain and nerves may be feverish; the patient may feel a craving to know what the future holds, frequenting palm readers and psychics; he may entertain superiority feelings regarding his abilities, positions, genius; he may insist that he is influenced by invisible forces, receiving cosmic revelations--information from angels, space beings, saints and discarnate spirits--relevant to the code of ethics of the universe and the laws that govern the destiny of men. The manner is haughty and proud; emotions are volatile; thoughts and visualizations are vivid. Excitement causes faintness or weakness. Joy is ecstatic; laughter, excessive. The mind overworks, while will power, decision-making ability, practical judgement and concentration ability are feeble and faulty. Vigorous thoughts and emotions result in excessive heat production in the brain revealed by feverish forehead, chilled feet and hands, and inflamed nerves. Mental orientations are chaotic, instantaneous, immoderate and intermittent. Merriment, optimism, speculation, hope and confidence are exagerated. Stimulants are desired.


The Self-Proclaimed Prophet

The patient suffering from immoderate consumption of phosphorus often considers the knowledge of others nil and belittles them. He is under the delusion that he is highly intelligent and more wise than anyone. This delussion encourages feelings of false pride, insolence, tyranny, especially with respect to doctrines, theology, canons, pilosophies, miracles, psychic phenomena. Such a patient believes he is a chosen one to preach to others and manipulate ecclesiastical activity. He is of the opinion that he is qualified to run the lives of others, dictating their activities and beliefs. He is arrogant, vain, bombastic, autocratic mentally, ethically, theologically, philosophically.

Phosphorus-excess patients are under the delusion that they are more knowledgeable than in actuality they are. They particularly overrate their theological knowledge. Some may dream about the universal plan, utopia, the great unknown, magnetic qualities, essence of spirit and detest practical activity and everyday reality, money, matter, work and manual endeavor. Heat is produced in the brain as a result of sorrow, passion, rage, excitement and hyperemia in the sexual glands and genitals. The outer world may be regarded as deceptive, unimportant, deficient--epecially mentally. These patients are animated, energetic, nervous and restless, but are incapable of self-sufficiency, concentrated work, executive command or business judiciousness. Extreme effort and lengthy labor are impossible for them; their dexterity is with the mind, with thinking, psychic endeavors and creeds

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The Neurogenic Type

Excess phosphorus facilitates brain and nerve metabolism and hampers osteosis. Consequently, the posphorus type--the neurogenic--is small-boned, mentally precocious, with overactive nerves and brain. ...They are... quick to grasp and memorize new ideas but equally quick to forget... ...The realms of theology, philosophy, psychic phenomena attract them as do human magnetism, energy healing, psychotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetic and polarity treatments, Christian Science healing. Magnetization can relieve their pains, as can psychotherapy, electrical therapy, animal magnetism, hypnosis, mental suggestion. The world of reality is often more than they can cope with and they long for "never-never land" and the etheric plane ar heaven and its peaceful valleys... ...Dirt, work, disease instill fears in them. They can create castles with thoughts but cannot build a house with brick or stones. Study is excessive to the detriment of health, sleep, physical exercise, nutrition, dietetics until exhaustion overcomes them. Some are impractical. Some gesticulate wildly when speaking. Posphorus-excess children shoot up rapidly but are as lean as fence posts. They crave sensationalism, even if it is violent.

Phosphorus Excess Means Total Mental Orientation

Phosphorus predomination precludes earthiness and practicality. The patient tends toward occult subjects, spiritual and mystical activities and philosophies, and the world of the mind and the etheric plane. The atmosphere, space, ether, light are of interest. Riding on magic carpet, sailing on clouds are preferable to three-dimensional reality...

The phosphorus-excess patient favors and dignifies oratory, occult occupations and psychic performances, doctrine making and psychic research. The likes and dislikes of others are often ignored. His mental orientation is extreme... ...He lives within his mind and an inner reality rather than with the outer world of physical labor. Reasoning power is devoted to mental and spiritual endeavors rather than earthly matters. He has trust in mental healing and faith healing rather than physical effort. He believes that he can "think and grow rich." His confidence is in the mind and thoughts rather than in science, labor, business, actions or exertion. He lives in an imaginary land of his dreams, in the ethers, until it is the only reality he accepts. The ultimate results may be neurasthenia and extreme phobias.

Practicality Requires Other Elements

When phosphorus joins forces with silicon, calcium and other strong elements, genius is
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probable--a practical genius. But if the phosphorus is preponderant, intense concentration is not feasible. Genius comes when phosphorus binds strongly with calcium, silicon and fibrin.

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Sexual system is weak... Nerve pain intensifies with position changees. Reasoning seems extremely difficult and often causes headache...;unfavorable information is exhausting; entire nervous system is weak;.. Nervous collapse suceeds excitable periods... Mental states fluctuate from apprehension to gaiety and laughter, from uncommunicativeness to verbosity, from optimism to extreem depression... Brain weakness exists continually; stimulants are desired; helplessness and weakness are almost constant.

Personality Characteristics of Patients Deficient in Phosphorus

... The brain does not serve well; ideas do not come easily; mental confussion takes over. Loss of intellectual ability is dreaded... Will power is absent.

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His mind is unable to concentrate on studies, problems and labor; scrutinizing objects for some time causes mental confusion... He feels irrational fears of ghosts, evil, old houses, dark alleys. Study of disease, anxiety, passion, anger, excitement, affect him unfavorably; nerve tension or strong emotions exhaust him for hours.

Types of People Prone to Phosphorus Deficiency

Individuals differ in their phosphorus demands; some need more phosphorus than others. Frequently deficient in phosphorus are cerebral types, neurogenic typres, emotional types, atrophic types, highly intellectual and extremely precocious children, those who do intense brain work, students, lawyers, doctors, teachers, musiciand and other individuals engaged in nerve/stress occupations. These individuals must have a diet rich in phosphorus.

Phosphorus is a critical element to the brain and nerves, and they cannot function effectively without it. Some neurotransmitters need phosphorus...


We must differentiate between a "brain" phosphoeus and a "bone" phosphorus; the latter can be obtained from the vegetable kingdom, but brain phosphorus must be derived from animal products. The sources of brain phosphorus are meat, egg youlks, fish, fish roe, dairy products...

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EGG YOLK is the nearest substance to the brain. Egg yolk, the brain, and the generative substance, are comparatively the same, from a chemical viewpoint. Excitable people, insane people, people who have lost their sexuality should eat plenty of raw egg yolk in an alkaline form.


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If a man has a great deal of phosphorus in his system and he has the faculty of veneration powerfully in the lead, he is prophetic. If a woman has spirituality in the lead and a great deal of phosphorus, she is mediumistic. She can sense your soul state as a bloodhound scents a criminal. She can even tell you your name. She takes it from your brain. This is mediumship. When the table begins to transmit messages, it is phosphorus at work in the people around that table... ...When you have a great deal of phosphorus in your system, your soul becomes more illuminated. You have a light sphere around your body... That light is called the aura...

People with a great deal of phosphorus are highly evolved. People with very little phosphorus are of a low order. Take, for instance, the pig; it has only a spoonful of brain. The pig is not a very good philosopher. It does not have very much spinal matter, not very fine nerve nets in the system. You find nothing but pork. All animals who do not have much phosphorus in the brain are of a low order. Evolution depends upon the gray brain substance. The more gray brain matter a man has, the more intelligent he is...

When phosphorus is introduced in food form, it causes growth in certan faculties. Put a man whose spirituality, veneration, ideality and all the spiritual faculties are weak on a heavy phosphorus diet and those faculties will develop when he calls them into action. Wen a man has a limited quantity of phosphorus in his brain, he has a low development of the occult, abstract faculties

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Among all faculties, if you or I have a weak faculty, the very best thing we can do is to wake that faculty up in some way and then supply phosphorus. Do not try to develop your mind by mere suggestion, for that does not work. You cannot build the Masonic Temple out of moonshine, you must have stone and brick, mortar and iron columns. So also with mental development...

Phosphorus is used in every faculty seat of the brain. It is impossible even to develop a faculty without supplying phosphorus first. If you try to develop a faculty or any feeling or characteristic without supplying the material which is needed by the brain, it becomes erratic and instead of building it up, you weaken it.

People who imagine mind, memory, reason, emotion, prayer, concentration, etc., can be developed by mere suggestion and nothing else, do not know anything about the chemistry of man. For whenever we try to develop we should not only use that special feeling, characteristic, impulse or thought but should also supply the phosphorus or material needed... it is not a question only of phosphorus, it is a question of a special kind of phosphorus, when we wish to develop. What good is your prayer if you live on coffee, tea, spices and whiskey.

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Feebleminded people are in need of phosphorus. Their brain is not supplied with phosphorus nor is it taking up phosphorus. If you keep your child in school studying matematics at last the brain will twist like a corkscrew and there comes a time when that child will not understand any mathematical problem at all...

We cannot think, talk, cultivate emotion nor experience passion without burning up phosphorus. Phosphorus is the candle of intelligence that burns in the brain all the time... When phosphorus is no more supplied, that intellectual lamp goes out and then we are in the dark, like idiots.

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In cerebration or brain work, we consume a great deal of brain phosphorus, brain lecithin, sublimated sulphur food compounds, also certain organic salts: salts of sodium, chlorine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and iodine--